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Press Release
December 31, 2022
Today, the CEO of KSOC SPORTS, Noel Gomes, and the new Chairman of the company, David Bucciolini, announced the conclusion of negotiations, and the beginning of a new cycle for the company.

Noel Gomes and David Bucciolini have agreed to pursue an ambitious, inclusive, and sustainable project that will advance the innovation goals of the sports industry (using the potential of Blockchain technology), reinforcing the plan developed to date, and helping various sports entities to thrive with alternative solutions.

David Bucciolini, expressed that the long talks with the KSOC SPORTS Team have allowed to adjust the future plan with the inclusion of several key factors, and also with the OCI Group's strategy for its new sports division, where in addition to its traditional financial solutions, it will present a clear focus on disruptive and innovative solutions.

With a new Governance Team, the new Chairman left a word of thanks to the founders of KSOC, and renewed the trust placed in the CEO Noel Gomes, with whom he will present several new features throughout the year 2023, in a strategic plan focused on making KSOC SPORTS a sustainable, solid and global project.

The new executive team will announce soon the company's new road map, to present the ambitious plan for development and strategic partnerships, promote a capital increase of the company, and simultaneously make official the KSOC coin backed by real assets.

"Today we begin a new cycle, where we will put all our efforts and commitment, making the brand increasingly global and consistent, achieving a sustainable organic growth. There is a new strategic plan to implement, a reinforced team, and new partnerships that will surely take KSOC to a new level.", said Noel Gomes - CEO of KSOC SPORTS

"I congratulate the founders of KSOC for creating the project, and for entrusting us with the future of the company. We believe that KSOC with its 4 years of existence will enable us to be an added value for many sports entities, in an era of a profound economic and digital revolution. We will certainly be a reference in the market.", said David Bucciolini - Chairman of KSOC SPORTS

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